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Salad Seasons, by Sheela Prakash

Salad Seasons, by Sheela Prakash

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We are proud to stock this beautiful new cookbook by Sheela Prakash, one of Spannocchia's past interns!

Create simple yet showstopping salads that will make them the perpetual star at your table. With a focus on approachable, flexible recipes that are easy to prepare and bring vegetables to the center of the plate, Salad Seasons will inspire home cooks to eat well and live well. 

The recipes in Salad Seasons not only span all four seasons, but show off salads’ versatility as both vibrant main dishes—such as Brown-Buttered Brussels Sprouts and Orecchiette Salad and Smashed Potato and Chorizo Sheet Pan Salad—and as fresh side dishes, like Israeli Corn Salad and Bittersweet Radicchio Salad. Also included are a handful of playful fruit salads, like Strawberry-Rhubarb Salad with Lavender Honey and Brûléed Citrus Salad, which make for unfussy, modern desserts.

The 23 Best Cookbooks of Spring 2023. It may be easy to think of summer as the best time for salads, but for Sheela Prakash, every season can be salad season if you know how to build a great one. In this book, Prakash, a cookbook author and contributing editor at The Kitchn, teaches you the fundamentals of salad making, like how important it is to season and taste your ingredients as you go, and she will inspire you to think outside of the sad box of salad greens you may be accustomed to. The bittersweet radicchio salad dressed in a punchy vinaigrette of pomegranate molasses, orange juice, and olive oil got me through the dreariness of winter when all I wanted was something crisp and juicy while the caramelized fennel and white bean salad has become a favorite lunch staple of mine. There are no sad desk lunches in Prakash’s world, just fabulous salads no matter the season.” — Bon Appétit
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