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2022 Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (choose your size!)

2022 Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (choose your size!)

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Spannocchia's own cold-pressed, organic extra-virgin olive oil, from the 2022 olive harvest. Available in both 250ml and 500ml cans, these make wonderful gifts! Best by August 2024.

SUMMER SALE: Buy 3 or more cans and save! Use code SAVE10 at check-out to save 10% when you buy 3 or more cans of olive oil, regardless of size. Good until supplies run out! One use per customer.

Local Pick-Up: If you select local pick-up, we will contact you to coordinate a time to pick-up your order. Please do not come to our office unannounced as we do not hold set office hours.

But why is olive oil so expensive?! What arrives at your doorstep is the end result of hard work on the part of many staff and volunteers. While producing olive oil at this scale is always a time-consuming and costly process, over the last few years we (like all other industries) have seen significant increases in production costs. From pressing the olives at the mill, to the cost of the cans themselves, to shipping overseas, we have paid increases of up to 100% more than in recent years(!!). Importing Spannocchia olive oil to the US is a labor of love, driven by our desire to share this special product with you all—and your demand for it! The prices you see are calculated to cover our costs, but not to turn any meaningful profit. And, rest assured that any profits we do see are used to support our work here in the US and in Italy!

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